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A seven-foot-tall alien, a deadly virus sweeping the land, and one tough CIA agent, make for a romantic, edge of your seat thriller that will leave you reeling.
Gryke is the most vicious Bracadyte in Aukrabah. His hatred and distrust for the land walkers run deep-especially for Fiona Henagar. The female Marine turned CIA agent is smart, cunning, and completely self-sufficient. With every breath, she enrages him... When she steals the ancient scrolls of his people, Gryke has no choice but to go after her. And God help him, but she takes him on a ride, he fears he’ll never recover from.
Fiona Henagar lives a life of duty to her country, until her son, Andrew, is kidnapped by the government. Stealing the Bracadyte scrolls to pay off her son's kidnappers, Fiona vows to stay one step ahead of Gryke. As they fight against government plots and the deadly virus now plaguing the land, will old prejudices tear them apart?

Gryke - Enigma Series Book 6

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