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The son of an alien king and the ruthless reporter who turns his world upside down.
On a mission to save his people from being destroyed, Vaulcron must team up with a human reporter known as the Great White Shark. She's beautiful, cunning, and definitely hiding something. Vaulcron will do anything for his family, even if it means teaming up with the one woman who can destroy them all.
Mallory Cahill hasn't become the lead reporter of Channel Eight News by being weak. Feared by some and hated by many, she'll do anything to get the story, no matter whose toes she must step on to achieve it. When Vaulcron, a Bracadyte prince, virtually falls into her lap, Mallory jumps at the chance to interview him. She doesn't count on caring for the giant alien, any more than she expects to be running for her life from the very government who had promised to protect her.

Vaulcron - Enigma Series Book 3

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